Passed 70-541 – WSS Application Development


I cleared 70-541 WSS Application Development, 70% of the questions were from APIs..

Here are some of the areas that i remember :

– A lot of questions were asked from this area, feature deployment, attaching event handlers with features
– There was a question which asked how we can get a list of features activated in a farm.

– Question on how to associate custom pages with workflows.
– Creating and updating a task using workflows.
– deploying workflows and associating it with document library.
– Deploying workflows and assiciating it with content types.

Admin APIs
– Questions related to changing settings using code.

Alerts & SPJobDefination
– Browsing through user alerts,
– changing frequency of user alerts.
– There was a question in which we have to get user alerts for 1 week using CAML query.
– There was another question where we need to fetch all the alerts that were to be sent on every monday for 5 weeks ( 5 occurances).
– Browsing through all the active job definitions.

Masterpages and Layouts
– Setting masterpages of all the rootsite and subsites using API.

– Creating webparts and deploying.
– Deploying webparts as feature and hosting user control.
– Creating connectable webparts and passing data between webparts.

SiteDefinition and SiteTemplates
– Creating site definitions, there were lot of scripts given.
– Specifying a configuration that will be applied to only rootweb.
– Creating site templates that is based on the default site definition.


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