Fwd: Hard Work Redefined

Some of the great words from the real motivator Manish Gupta from Chrysalis….just wanted to spread the word to larger audience. Some people think smart work is a substitute for hard work…
Sudhir Kesharwani
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: MG's Desk! <desk.mg@chrysalis.net.in>
Date: Sat, May 15, 2010 at 5:56 PM
Subject: Hard Work Redefined

Dear Chrysalian,

Working Hard is considered as one of the most important pathways to achieving success. Since centuries sages, masters, wise men, elders, consultants have been advocating, endorsing and supporting the above statement. I too am in alignment with these folks. (Should I miss out on an opportunity of being linked to the wise ones? ) 

New age generation wants to stick on to Smart Work but I believe even Smart Work involves some “Work”.( and many a time ends up with lots of Hard Work) There is no substitute for Hard work. 

I want you to read the above statement one more time and focus on the fact of Hard work leading to success, which implies that if our understanding of Hard work is not what it should be then chances are high that we may not be anywhere near our desired goal. Lets understand Hard work from a different perspective. Lets understand the difference between hard Work and working hard for success.

When in office an executive works as per his schedule and finishes what he had planned to do , this is called hard work, but when the same executive over and above his daily tough schedule goes for an evening course for technical up gradation – this is called working hard for success . At home when a home maker after a tough morning grind of the daily chores takes out time to learn sitar which she so dearly wanted since childhood- that’s called working hard for success. A father on coming home tired and exhausted after a long days haul plays with his children with the same vibrancy and freshness which he had at the start of a new day, then it is called working hard for success. A cycle rickshaw puller works real hard for more than 12 hours a day, but he’ll be working hard for success when you spot him talking to a co-operative bank for the loan of his second rickshaw. An Entrepreneur when working hard to set his business in motion also thinks and acts on succession planning then it is said he’s working hard for success. ( I wonder how Dhirubhai Ambani missed out on that one) 

The concept of working hard for success is the same whether you are a student, a businessman, a sports person or a spouse. Other than our regular work (where we have really worked hard) what are we doing extra to maximise our output is called working hard for success.

Its almost midnight and I feel I have been working hard for success for the day..

Love you lots and wish you a “Hard Working” Life …



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