For the Code is Dark and Full of Errors !

a different perspective!!!


A great man once said, “To err is human, to detect – Testing”. Now don’t just google it straight away, I will save your time. This was said by Yours truly in a moment of profound enlightenment.

It would require a person to be exceptionally naive to say that testing is a fun job just picking out other’s mistakes. Somehow the “oh-he-has-made-a-mistake-now-lets-trouble-him” part never materializes. Its more like “Oh-he-has-made-a-mistake-Will-I-have-to-test-this-twice?’. Because a Tester’s job never ends with detecting a defect, it’s actually just the beginning. We have to be extremely sure about the defect being valid, in 100% conflict with the given requirement and most of all – if it will be reproducible again. And that means recreating the entire scenario multiple times with multiple parameters/test IDs, to our heart’s content. Let me assure you, you don’t want to be that villain who delayed the deployment. Seriously.

Testing hence becomes more of an…

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